Ink, the first of a trilogy, is set in a world where every significant thing you do, whether good or bad, is tattooed on your skin for everyone to see. There are no secrets. When you die, if you are deemed worthy, your tattoos are made into a book and so you can live on for eternity. When Leora’s father dies, she discovers there’s something missing from his book – and her world starts to unravel.

Night …

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This weekend, decided needed to slow down, and the first thing I did was put my phone down, and pick up this book (yes, I like reading a lot of books on Kindle, but the cover on this paper version is mighty fine). It’s young adult fiction – one of my favourite ‘downtime’ genres, because there’s always a deeper story behind the surface! I don’t usually buy books ‘hot off the press’, as most of my fiction comes from charity shops (I can read too fast to cope £ any other way) – this, however, had it’s launch this week (and a lot of my friends went) – and Tanya Marlow posted a video on Facebook that was the final swing. I started about 9.30pm, and finished 00.30 – then slept very deeply (so much so I didn’t make it out for my planned hike today -a and it’s perfect hiking weather too!). Having spent so much time recently trying to inspire students to think about why they are doing what they are doing, I stopped and took a photo of this page:

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