Last Wednesday I recorded for BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief, along with Linda Woodhead, Sughra Ahmed, and David Walker, which was aired this afternoon.

We were looking at public responses to recent tragedies (Manchester Arena, London Bridge, Grenfall House and Finsbury Park), and whether these were forms of public grief, or whether it was something else. We were asked to think about:

Listen to the programme on the BBC, or download the MP3.

See my rough preparation notes (and yes I found it more interesting than the amount of preparation that I needed to do!)

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  1. I listened to the programme driving home this afternoon and sat for a few minutes in my car to listen to its conclusion. A neighbour has noticed that I do this quite often and has decided that it is an eccentricity of mine!
    I don’t know if it is a fair reflection on the argument but it felt as if Linda Woodhead and David Walker had both arrived at conclusions, the excellent Muslim guest was articulating quite new insights while you seemed to be trying to make sense of a new landscape of grief. Is that fair?
    As an Anglican clergy I am still usually called to share grief within a fairly traditional context although I try to enter it by engaging in dialogue. I still await the kind of confidence that Linda Woodhead spoke about although young people do not usually take the lead when talking about a funeral. They do in weddings though but seem to enjoy being deliberately traditional.

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to think what else we had talked about – I certainly had ended up spending quite a lot of time reading around, trying to make sense of what was going on. I suspect David/Linda have been working in this specific area for much longer, and so, yes, already feel they know where the landscape lies – though you’ll hear the surprise in David’s voice re being asked to the civic services. Interesting, there’s definitely more work to be done on young people!

      1. I have enjoyed the way in which young people have been coming to the foreground this year. I have the joy of being the father of two daughters, one 23 the other 19. I have been impressed by their passion. They challenge me just by being themselves.

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