I had this for a while, then really enjoyed reading it over a couple of weeks:

Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my ownMusings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own by Nell Goddard
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I’m not a clergy child (although I do know Nell), and I enjoyed reading this book. I know a lot of clergy and their children and I can imagine always seeming to come after the congregation’s needs for everything can be really frustrating. Nell engages with this with a lovely mix of humour, vulnerability and spiritual insights. I read it over the course of a couple of weeks in the evening (it doesn’t have to be read in order, though I did), and I particularly enjoyed the musings at the end (turned down several page corners for later) – other clergy children reading this won’t necessarily have the same experience, but enough overlap to not feel so alone. And congregations – also good for you to read and realise that clergy also have other aspects to their lives and we can help make their lives easier too!

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