After lots of academic or cancer books, just what I needed this week – perfect mix of humour and vulnerability:

How Not To Be a BoyHow Not To Be a Boy by Robert Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book, and read it over a few evenings. I thought it had a gentle mix of humour and vulnerability (the things I always say online encourage people to like/share), mixed in with a real dose of ‘real life’. I grew up expected to have a ‘stiff upper lip’ at funerals, but otherwise I can see so much of the ‘nurture’ for what men/women are expected to demonstrate (or not) emotionally, and thought Robert demonstrated this well, along with some insights as to how to it had impacted on him long term, and some of the ways he’s found to come to terms with it. Good to see someone using their comedy and celebrity value to put important issues in the public eye.

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