Happy Christmas 2017, and Happy New Year 2018

Happy Christmas 2017, and Happy New Year 2018

As you may know, this Christmas is going to be a very odd one for me. I have my second chemotherapy on 22nd December, which means I’ll spend Christmas either high on steroids, or feeling nauseas once they’ve worn off. I’ve got some offers of places to go in Manchester if I feel up to it, so we’ll see! At the end of the day, hopefully this is ‘just one year’ of treatment so …

Feeling very thankful for Stepping Hill Hospital for my surgery, and The Christie for the chemotherapy support, and the many friends and family who have rallied around with cards, useful presents, fun presents, and most of all – company, lifts and meals, as I told Breast Cancer Care recently! Also to work for allowing me to work at home as and when I feel well enough…

Meantime, as I’ve been missing all the Christmas services, let’s enjoy some traditional Christmas carols:

and I quite enjoy this retelling of the Christmas story:

Meantime, if the next chemo goes anything like this one, I should be able to make it to the Radcliffe’s for New Year’s Eve – just need to make sure I’ve had plenty of sleep during that day! And yes, I can drink 48 hours after chemo, but haven’t really fancied it …

To all: Here’s to 2018… oh, let’s all Keep Calm and Carry On, and don’t forget to check your lemons!

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