I love the description for this podcast, ‘You, Me and the Big C’:

The coolest club you never want to be a part of…

The women of the You, Me & the Big C Podcast are your BFF’s, your sisters, daughters and mothers. They are you…but with dodgier cells and they’re too busy living to worry about dying.

A candid look at cancer, with Rachael Bland, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon.

We’re only onto the third episode – the first introduced the 3 podcast hosts, the second looked at how we hold onto positive mental attitude whilst recognising a grinning mad-woman look is not required as it looked at mental health related to cancer, whilst this week’s podcast looks at what we all fear (and I certainly did) – chemotherapy!! There are still so many assumptions about vomiting, hair loss, etc. and in many ways the management of side effects has improved so much over the past few years… although there is still a risk of delay in treatment from neutropenia (which I have managed to avoid – so far at least) – hence the need for many blood tests!

We hold onto that end date … I was warned right at the beginning to be ‘flexible’ – which I have been so far, but in my head now, 11 days left to go before chemo is done… and all the rest of things start!

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