Further to my pieces with Premier Radio and Hits Radio earlier, I then had a conversation with Eddie Nestor on Drivetime for BBC Radio London

in response to the RCPCH report:

Always like to recommend Sonia Livingstone’s work (and I might finally have a thought for what I want to write for the LSE blog):

Also, if we’re going to talk gaming (including Fortnite), I’ll refer people to Andy Robertson, and his forthcoming book Taming Gaming, whilst he also recommends this book coming up from Pete Etchells:

And something else I picked up on earlier:

And as I said:

As always, I thought of many more things I could have said on listening back to it afterwards, and I carried on listening to the programme as Eddie interviewed other people who definitely didn’t agree with me!

See also this response from James on structural inequalities affecting children:

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