This morning, on the Today programme, 29 minutes into the programme (and clearly at other points during the day), the Lent series that I am featured on, was trailed, using an extract from my talk. I captured the audio:

and the episode now has it’s own unique URL, read for when it’s broadcast on 27th April, 8.45pm (anticipating the image will change):

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  1. I remember hearing this trailer in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and recognised Bex’s voice immediately. It was good to hear Bex and with hindsight, knowing she lived her life so that she left a legacy. This blog bears witness to that and the gifts she used to encourage others who were on a similar journey to her. I will miss her and her posts even though we only met once on an Oak Hall holiday. My life’s been richer for knowing Bex, her faith and courage in difficult circumstances.

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