It was an early morning in Department 38 at the Christie (8.45am), and I was there ready for a MRI scan, including that mask that was made on Monday, to help get measurements for the stereotactic radiotherapy. Radiographer from Salford Royal was there, and we had a chat before the Christie radiographer came through (I’m not sure if I’m using terms radiographer/radiotherapist correctly!), when I sat and read my phone til they were about ready (9.15am).


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Time for an MRI scan .. half hour ish scan #whatcancerlookslike

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Lovely friendly team, after being called Rachel (well, it begins with an R), radiographer from Salford Royal said that although his name is Achilles, people call him Hercules (he’s Cypriot)! They explained what was going to happen, got me as comfortable as possible, and then the mask went over my face.. a brief moment of feeling a bit claustrophobic as I was clipped in, and then the headphones went on (1980s music this time, starting with Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up), and I closed my eyes and tried to relax…. Every now and then I’d hear ‘that scan is done, now a 7 minute scan’, until we got to ‘last scan now, 12 minutes’, and I was out and took a big breath of air as they took the mask off!

Was a little more wobbly leaving than I expected, so went and sat in Maggies (as I remembered having walked down a different street that that was where I’d left my car) and a chat, a drink, and a slice on melon there, I felt ready to move on!


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Taking a 15 minute breather after that scan. Another one down. #whatcancerlookslike

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I went into work to discuss the implications of the Macmillan bid not being accepted (we think it’s strong, and hopefully the feedback will indicate ways to give it another opportunity somewhere else), and it is agreed that next year, in between any sick leave/appointments, I’ll work on research publications 2 days week, research bids and media engagement 2 days week, and 1 day a week on research supervision that can be done via Skype… I will want to go into the office at times, as it’s lonely at home (note: I’ve never argued that online is a replacement for face-to-face contact, very much that it’s different!)… before meeting a friend, and getting side-tracked by Irregular Choice – some more options for future #waitingroomfeet. 15,000 steps later, very tired, crashed into bed – although falling asleep does not regularly happen that fast, nor do I always stay asleep…

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