So, finishing off my rounds of 3 different hospitals in a week, this morning I was back in the Christie for an appt with Dr Colaco, after yesterday’s confirmation that surgery is not the right route. I’m still trying to find the balance between keeping myself moving/active and being overtired, but I was at the hospital before my 9.30am appt! Once again, it was #waitingroomfeet time:


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It’s another #waitingroomfeet day today (hopefully last for this week) – talking about the radiotherapy again! Loving my #harrypotter scarf from @curiously_nostalgic! Port healing up nicely. New areas at The Christie empty of people so grabbed photos …

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I kept myself busy with some of the daily apps, and some of the easier emails whilst waiting, but it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re not sure when you’re going to be called!

I was called back in, because there had been several intervening appointments, he felt the last one (with printer not working, etc.) was a little rushed, so wanted to be sure I knew what was happening, and sign some more paperwork so that (although I’m not on a trial), the Christie can use data about how I respond, etc. and any pain. He was clear that I’d had the mask made at Salford so I had some familiarity with the space and the team, so that I am more relaxed for the actual treatment, in the hopes that will be faster… I will see Dr Colaco at the first radiotherapy appointment, six weeks afterwards, and otherwise will be combined with seeing Dr Chittalia (to make less appointments).

It’s recommended that I read this document (oh, joy to the potential side-effects, nervous about up to 20% chance of fracture, but #deepbreathing), and be prepared to allow up til 6-7pm on the day of the first appointment. There’s potential for pain (‘it’ll be a bit like we’ve punched you’), and nausea (so cyclizine on standby), but there’s no need to delay the chemo, so that should all start 15th April… but between now and 29th March, when radiotherapy starts, there are no appointments planned! WHOOP!

*this all relies upon how I react to things, and other things that are out of my hands, but otherwise can make some vague plans … and get to watch Hamilton!

** Now how long before I’m well enough/can find tickets for Harry Potter & TCC!

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