As the radiotherapist said as I was leaving – that smile’s not going to leave your face today is it:


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We are one #radiotherapy treatment down! Back on Weds and Friday for the other two … #whatcancerlookslike

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Because, YES, after Friday’s disappointment, we completed both Day 0 and treatment 1 today! I’m not entirely sure what time I went in, maybe 3.40pm, and I was out by 4pm!

I had taken paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine before I went in, drunk/eaten plenty, slept well with a sleeping tablet, and we had a small plaster under the pain point on my head (which still seemed to ram my head more tightly into the mask). The music was set playing – something gentlish but recognisable (particularly enjoyed Caro Emerald at one point), and I couldn’t really see anything, but could hear the machine moving. Then I was SURE something new had happened – which sounded like treatment for about 30 seconds … then there was a big gap, and someone came in to ask me to hold on a little longer as half the treatment had been done, and they were just lining up for the second go (it’s SO hard to stay still on that rigid board) … then I heard the same noise (laser type noise?), and then a couple of minutes later, the team came to take the mask off (it is really tight to the head – as is needed) and we celebrated that this was done – before heading home (nice to be a passenger and watch the Manchester skyline)!

So, this appears to be the secret – meet a friend who is able to drive – for lunch – chat about all kinds of things, get taken to the hospital, and keep myself occupied whilst in the waiting room with our #waitingroomfeet (so who’s up for Wednesday/Friday this week?):


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It’s more #waitingroomfeet with Julie this time. Come on #radiotherapy – fall into place!! #whatcancerlookslike

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Thanks to Shelley and Julie for getting me through those first two appointments – the future ones they say should be even swifter as they now know that they’ve got it! Meantime, I’m home, just firing up Fyre on Netflix, with some soup. I feel quite spaced out, overtired, a bit nauseous, and my back is definitely feeling like it’s had a gentle pummel. Definitely need a gentle week this week then! Thanks to you all for prayers and ‘good vibes’ – we got our ‘Magic Monday’!

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