[CANCER] Chemo 1 (of 4?) Done for #Metastatic #BreastCancer

[CANCER] Chemo 1 (of 4?) Done for #Metastatic #BreastCancer

So, as I posted yesterday, it was time to return to the chemo ward for new treatment. This time, I’m undergoing treatment at the Laurel Suite at Stepping Hill Hospital, and can I say what a friendly environment. The Christie staff are great (and my nurses here are Christie nurses), but don’t really seem to have time to slow down and take 5 minutes with you … feeling a bit like sitting in living room at LS ūüôā

I arrived promptly yesterday, cheerily expecting my Herceptin:


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It’s #waitingroomfeet again today РHerceptin today and prep for chemo in the morning. #whatcancerlookslike

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I’d got it in my head that Pertuzumab was Herceptin, whereas it is also known as Perjeta, and that was the one that I had yesterday, then observed til 5pm to ensure that I didn’t react badly to the drug!

This morning we were back on the ward for 9am (via taxi), to have the trastuzumab (Herceptin¬ģ):

This was slower over 60-90 minutes, to ensure that I don’t react negatively to it, but will be faster in future treatments (and yes I will continue to have it IV, as I’m having other IV drugs, although it is given to many subcutaneously. Whilst this was flushing through, it was time to put the Cold Cap on (having said that I would never wear it again!):

The nurse, after wedging it on her knee to get the 2 layers to sit together, called a colleague to help yank the cap down, and really took her time to ensure it was a good fit (this makes such a difference!). You’ll see that there are a few tear tracks.. held onto¬†both of Hannah’s hands for first 10 mins or so, was colder for a bit longer than I remember, but you do get used to the weight of it, but also a HUGE relief to take it off!

I then had a visit from Helen (working on her Chemo Buddies scheme and bringing balm and chocolate), and Suzanne, bringing hot choc, her crochet, and good news that she’s 5 years NED before driving me home (I had to be observed til 5.15pm to ensure wasn’t reacting to the drugs):

Now, dinner has been had, washing has been put away, and the PJs are on, sleeping tablet on standby as I was still awake at 5.15am this morning, and awoke again 7.15am (they don’t call Dexamethosone steroids Dexies Midnight Runners for nothing)

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