So, if it hadn’t been a bank holiday yesterday, I would have had chemotherapy (+ immunotherapy + targeted therapy) yesterday, but all the appointments have been spread out over today and tomorrow – so the steroids are building up in my body tonight, and it’s an early start/long day tomorrow.

Last time there was an observation period of 6 hours post treatment, I think tomorrow is 3 hours post treatment, any after this have no observation period. I went for bloods today so tomorrow can go straight in and get plugged in to the treatment and get home before crazy traffic!

Side Effects

Tomorrow I will need to talk them through the side effects, and see if any can be better managed. Probably should have kept a diary of everything – though there’s quite a bit on Instagram – I did last time, been a bit blase and just living with it all this time!

Over the past few weeks I also appear to be becoming allergic to (some?) plasters…

Finding Normality

With primary treatment, there seems to be a certain expectation that you chuck everything to one side, and concentrate on treatment. With secondary treatment, as this is now it for life (and 30% of people likely to end up with secondaries, some ‘de novo’ (on first diagnosis)) there’s a lot more concern with ensuring that quality of life is good..

The big one was making it to London, meeting up with Andy, spending the weekend with a wonderful friend and her family – including her 10 year old, and my 6-year old god-daughter, and the tickets for Hamilton that Hannah and I had booked as a celebration of having finished cancer treatment:


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We made it … @findmystyle #busylivingwithmets

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and even walked back from the Tube past lovely London skylines, before making it to the Exploring Belief conference the next day (well, for part of the afternoon):


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Religion & belief, like historical content, is less about authority/expert and more explore/experience. #ExploreBelief Also seeking to cover range of contemporary experiences of faith.

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Even managing an afternoon with Erika on the Wednesday:


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drIt’s @eharno 40th #birthday, and my week 3 of #chemo (good week) so it’s a non #waitingroomfeet afternoon – we’ve had afternoon tea at the Midland and now cocktails. I’ll probs still be in bed by 10pm LOL 🙂

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Also out on Saturday with some of the #abcdiagnosis crew:


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Dinner time! @busylivingwithmets

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So otherwise, other than having gone back to work (working from home) on 24th:

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