Today I returned for further treatment at the hospital, the sixth infusion, and the first since my recent scan was NEAD. Thankfully no more docetaxol for now, but ongoing Herceptin and Perjeta infusions (until they stop working – I think around 5 years is most I’ve seen so far). I was also supposed to start Denosumab (bone strengthening) injections today too, but I need to have a filling done in my wisdom tooth, and that treatment is usually suspended for any dental work .. so I’ll start that in another 6 weeks… around the time I’ll likely be due my next CT scan to see what’s going on in my body…


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It’s #waitingroomfeet – treatment time again … decided a haircut will be worthwhile later this week too! #busylivingwithmets

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Now that the docetaxel and the cold capping has finished, going for treatments feels like it’s no longer a big deal, but along with the monthly injections/daily tablets, and the ongoing scans – it is a reminder of how much cancer has affected my life so far … and will continue to do so. Every treatment I have a chat with one of the nurses about how I’m doing – physically and psychologically – they’re very pleased that as of this Thursday evening work emails and files go off until 3rd September… yes, having work to keep me focused has given me purpose outside of cancer treatment but also yes, academia is a pressurised environment and I’ll have to keep an eye on how/if I can make it continue to work for me…

My mood has been up and down over the last couple of weeks … but one thing guaranteed to make me laugh (aside from TheCancerPatient on Instagram) is the wonderful Rox Nicholl, who sent me another of her #Kale Poems today:

Keep wondering when it will happen.
All of it. Any of it.
Learning to live is hard.
Emotions don’t do what I say.

And related:

From Instagram it can look like I’m as busy as usual, but of course I am sharing the stuff I am doing. Physically I’m struggling, and my brain feels like it’s fighting syrup a lot of the time … even small jobs can feel like a big achievement … it’s incredibly frustrating .. and also that fear is still there knowing that there’s something in my body which is trying hard to kill me. Stage IV cancer is not curable … nor is it predictable … it will be back at some point… let’s just hope it’s not too soon…

Meantime I’m …

But thankful that there are movements forward in treatment (I had SBRT), lovely staff, and a month off work to look forward to…

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  1. I recently did some end of term training and one of the things that really stuck with me was to celebrate the small successes. Something I think everyone struggles with in general. Sometimes, just getting out of bed is enough to celebrate.
    As for Church – Church is not faith, Church is a meeting place for faith. You know even better than me that you can talk to God whenever and wherever. He will listen. I do ‘Church by radio’ on Sundays with the lovely Rev. Kate Bottley and Jason Mohammad. It suits me rather well.

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