[LIFE] Taking Time Out at #GB19

[LIFE] Taking Time Out at #GB19

Well, wasn’t Greenbelt 2019 fabulous. I always have lots of things listed to go to:

I managed to go to:

  • Friday:
    • A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)
    • Lucy Spraggan
  • Saturday:
    • Caught the end of Nadia Bolz Weber ‘A Shameless Conversation’
    • Conversation with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
    • Beer and Hymns
    • Extra special was celebrating a Sara Batts upcoming wedding with our Dave Walker t-shirts:
    • Russell Brand in Conversation
    • Fantastic Negrito at Table *that was bizarrely joyous
    • *Went very early to bed with a sleeping tablet
  • Sunday
    • Communion *always a highlight with my Winchester crew
    • Folk On
    • Jamie Bartlett – Hanging Out with the Outsiders
    • Vicky Walker – Why do Christians idolise the traditional family?
    • A little bit of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls *but I needed sleep
  • Monday
    • Caught the end of Nadia Bolz Weber ‘A Shameless Conversation’
    • Is church history – with Kate Bottley, Liz Adekunie, Stephen Cottrell
    • Harry & Chris – This One’s for the Aliens
    • *Spent most of afternoon chatting with Jenny Baker/Tracey Hume
    • Peter Bloom – Radical Reading – Provocation from Pluto – The Age of Surveillance *Especially interested after my recent publication.
    • Harry Baker: I am 10,000
    • Prophet Sharing, with Imran Yusef and Ashley Blaker

I’m the first voice on here:

Take from 1.43 minutes into Inspirational Breakfast Show on Premier.

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