Well, you know posters still have their place. I saw this en route to one of my regular treatments further down the corridor, although thankfully one of the Breast Cancer Nurses had rung me to ask if I could post information around on any of the Breast Cancer Facebook groups I was on.


I’ve been a bit disappointed with how ‘the system’ has (not) worked for this. First I heard that something was happening to the Breast Clinic was overseeing something on Facebook about the Bobby Moore Unit closing (apparently it’s not closing, but it will be used for different outpatient clinics). I rang and left a message for the nurses, asking what was going on (although I don’t think it’s fair that they have to deal with all of us, as well as what must be a big shock in having to leave a place in which they’ve worked for a long time)…. and it seems that oncology clinics will continue (on a Monday) with Dr Chittalia, but that all the breast surgeons and nurses are off to The Nightingale Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital…. although they are coming back to look after Dr Chittalia’s clinics. This will make the biggest breast cancer centre in Europe … but I just hope that we don’t get lost in the system, and the very personal service we’ve got used to doesn’t disappear.

I complained to the hospital that there had been no formal notification of what was happening, and that we already deal with enough uncertainty to not be sure what is going on in something that has been so central to our treatment. They said that all patients would be getting a letter about what is happening – and that they were all going out this week…. but to expect to follow my surgeon to Wythnshawe for surgery-related appointments (including mammograms), and continue at Stepping Hill for oncology and treatment.

<edit October> I never received a letter, and on emailing back to where I first complained, she said that apparently as I don’t have an appointment with my surgeon coming up, I haven’t been told yet…. but considering that the Breast Cancer Nurses are still supposed to be my nurses, who I contact when I’m concerned about something – that’s not helpful!

Saying ‘So long, farewell’…

There was A LOT of people who had come to see this much loved team…

Me with Mr Dimopolous (my surgeon) and Katy (one of my BCNs)
With Nikki (another BCN)
More of the team
The Farewell cake

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