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Ticking Off Breast CancerTicking Off Breast Cancer by Sara Liyanage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have connected with Sara online over the past couple of years, as she was ahead of me on the ‘breast cancer journey’ (we’re not a fan of that phrase), and had lots of great advice to pass on. I also used her website quite a bit, so really happy to see that she has put all the work together into a book, that’s very easy to read, has helpful lists to help you think through things you may need for (primary) breast cancer… mixed in with a whole lot of gentle humour and insights into everyday life (because, if you’re of working age/a parent, that doesn’t stop for cancer). A really useful book for those who are going through treatment (especially the newly diagnosed and their friends/family who would like to know more).

Too Much Information?: Ten essential questions for digital ChristiansToo Much Information?: Ten essential questions for digital Christians by Andrew Graystone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the interests of openness, I’ve known Andrew for a long-time, and this book was dedicated to me (which I didn’t know about until I received a copy of the book). I’ve had excellent conversations with Andrew over many years on all kinds of topics, including Christianity and digital (as we both work in this area). I read this book in (almost) one sitting on a train journey (and worried Andrew by turning down many page corners). There’s lots I found interesting, lots I recognised from previous conversations, and I think it’s a really accessible set of insights into important material that the church needs to grapple with. In trying to think over the book, I think there’s lots of material that I’d agree with, but Andrew has possibly come out into a slightly different place from me (and we’ve had conversations about this too before – including two years at MediaLit where Andrew felt that I wasn’t really ‘there’ because I was sharing content with Twitter, and the second year said he got what I was doing). A lot of my emphasis is on things are different, not necessarily better/worse, whereas much of Andrew’s emphasis is still on the face-to-face being the ‘best’ form of interaction… and don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to have no face-to-face and very much value those conversations! I have yet to sit down and go back through the turn down pages and make notes (the drawbacks of not having read it as an e-book), as I intend to reference this book in future – and I think it will start a great number of conversations that need to be had within the church.
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The Affair: An enthralling story of love and passion and Hollywood glamourThe Affair: An enthralling story of love and passion and Hollywood glamour by Gill Paul
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, I enjoyed this book as a charity shop pick-up/beach read. Found the historical detail interesting (outside of my era of expertise) and the characters well rounded… although the drugs story less enticing than the interpersonal intrigues!!

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And as a special extra, this was super special:


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How to pretty much make me cry (happy tears) – this book that I’m looking forward to reading, written by @AndrewGraystone, endorsed by @revkatebottley – dedicated to me! Andrew has been a great source of support (and random jokes) for many years! #digital #digitalculture #christian #faith

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