Well, a slow, but quality month of reading – I’m partway through several other books, but this is the only one that I’ve finished – and it was an important one to feed into our joint session at #PremDac19:

Finding God in a Culture of FearFinding God in a Culture of Fear by Joanne Cox-Darling
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I’ve been wanting to read this since it came out, and knowing that I’m doing a session with Joanne at #PremDac19 I wanted to read her work before we prepare our session. I found it a powerful book, recognising the huge challenges we face in the contemporary age and the overwhelm and fear that many of us face. Mixing stories and theology (without getting bogged down in academicese) by the end I was writing Amen next to the outline of hope that we can bring to the world, if we use our imaginations.

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I am also enjoying a few Netflix binges and rewatching all my Harry Potter DVDs 🙂

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