I really enjoyed watching this film about Wild Swimming with Alice Roberts:

There’s been a spate of articles recently (or maybe I’ve just noticed them), here’s one from the New Yorker, ”The Subversive Joy of Cold-Water Swimming

The vogue for outdoor swimming has been fuelled, in part, by the Internet. It’s easy to collect “likes” by posting a photograph of yourself waist-deep in a craggy loch. The British press provides travel advice about the most romantic swimming locales. The Guardian recently gushed about a spot at the foot of Mt. Snowdon, in Wales, noting, “Take a dip here and you are swimming with the Torgoch, a rare type of Arctic char fish that has survived since the ice age.”

A couple of other articles (I’m sure I’ll find more):

this made me smile:

and this made me laugh:

My Swims

I’m collecting videos on YouTube:


Ah swimming, so simple … just you and a costume (this is no-wetsuit swimming!)

There’s a few tips on warming up post-swimming – see ‘Pass the Salt‘, and afterdrop and the subtle art of warming up

(Photo by Marcis Berzins on Unsplash)

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