Last night I spoke to Stephen Nolan, along with Sara Bainbridge from Macmillan, and fellow cancer patients Lara Montgomery and Nic Murray (we largely spoke in that order, although there’s a bit of interjection), about what it has been like to undergo cancer treatment/progression whilst the pandemic continues, how it has affected diagnostics and treatment, and ultimately, the potential impact upon our prognosis. The interview starts at 31:20, through til 1:00:42 – and although we did it as a pre-record about 45 minutes before the show, it’s largely used ‘as is’.

I’d been contacted Thursday about the potential for this, and was rung around 90 minutes before we recorded by another producer to talk about how I was doing, if I was feeling fit for it, a recognition that it’s a personal topic and might be hard, so the pre-record gives the opportunity to stop and re-set as needed. Really nice to get that reassurance too…

I always do a bit of pre-thinking … things I thought about saying (and as you’ll hear, the questions don’t necessarily go that way – hence why I like to have options):

If you’re looking for my latest cancer update, it’s here.

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