Second World War Posters

Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda posters as researched for a PhD completed 2004. In 1997, unwittingly wrote the first history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which she now follows with interest.


My biggest thanks goes to Dr Martin Polley for his time, patience and unfailing enthusiasm for this dissertation. Thanks also goes to Derek Bunyard for time spent discussing some artistic aspects. Thanks is also given to the trustees of the Imperial War Museum (IWM), the Mass-Observation (M-O) archives, and the Public Record Office (PRO). Particular thanks for help goes to Jenny Wood and Michael Moody of the Art Department, and the Reading Room staff, at…


Including a look at the history of the poster in general, this dissertation concentrates upon some of the posters that the British government produced for the Home Front in the Second World War. It tries to comprehend whether the government attached any importance to such posters, any steps that were consequently taken to ensure that those produced were accurate and relevant, and any lessons that the government learnt from posters which were considered failures. Through…
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