[CANCER] The Start of Radiotherapy … or is it! #CancerLife

So, here we are, 3.5 weeks after chemotherapy finished, and it’s time for the last hospital-based treatment in the plan (still got hormone treatments to come for 10 years), radiotherapy! What is radiotherapy? If you like to watch a video, Macmillan gently explain what it is, and the process that is followed, plus the side […]

[CANCER] Time for #Radiotherapy Planning for #BreastCancer

I was originally told I was unlikely to need radiotherapy, although they said occasionally things change as treatment goes on. When the pathology results came back, however, the tumour was clearly larger than expected, and had spread into more lymph nodes than anticipated (it sounds like more than 3-4 triggers radiotherapy, and I had 5), […]

[CANCER] Checking in with work #CancerLife

The last time I went into MMU was in September 2017 to speak at the IPM conference. In between I’ve had Slack conversations with my team, other social media chats, and been out for a few meals on the good chemo weeks!¬†I’ve also had Skype chats and emails with my Head of Dept (who had […]

[CANCER] Port/TIVAD Removal #CancerLife

When we first talked about the ‘Portacath’ (Port/TIVAD), there was a suggestion that it could be left in for a long time, “just” with a requirement to have it flushed with saline every 4-6 weeks. The oncologist, however, when I asked about this, said “no, your treatment has finished, and you don’t need it any […]

[CANCER] End of #Chemotherapy at @TheChristie #BreastCancer

30th August feels a very long time ago, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, before being dropped into surgery, and commencing ‘the dreaded’ chemotherapy¬†(as I read on an Instagram post earlier today – all of my imaginings have been much worse than the reality … although it’s certainly not been pleasant!). Throughout the […]