[CANCER] Moving to a new drug #Paclitaxel #BreastCancer

On Monday I got to celebrate that whatever was on my spine, was not cancer, so I am clearly #notstage4 cancer, so I remain NED! On returning to hospital on Thursday to have stitches removed, it appears that I have a hermangioma on the spine – most people live with these undiagnosed, they are benign, […]

[CANCER] Scanxiety and #BreastCancer

It’s not an official medical term, but “Scanxiety is cancer patients’ fear and worry associated with imaging, both before and after a test (before the results are revealed).” In early-stage patients who are successfully treated and have no evidence of disease, the underlying fear is about cancer returning and the dreaded implications. In metastatic patients, […]

[CANCER] Further Surgery #BreastCancer

This afternoon I signed yet another consent form, though I was pleased that ‘death’ wasn’t listed as one of the side effects this time… just possible allergic reaction, etc. etc. – oh and likely slow healing of the wound due to chemotherapy. Surgery During Chemotherapy? Cancer teams are not keen on any form of surgery […]

[CANCER] Surviving #Chemo3 #BreastCancer

So, last time I wrote about the exciting topic of cancer, it was New Year’s Eve, and I was preparing to snuggle up and see the New Year in from bed… and had some great company for New Year’s Day, whilst the antibiotics continued to work on my ear infection (still got cracking and whooshing […]

[CANCER] Heading into 2018 with #BreastCancer #Chemotherapy Treatment in Progress

I last wrote on Christmas Eve, about the fact that treatment means I’m shuffled on my sofa post #Chemo2 rather than spending it with family.. #Chemo2 This round of chemotherapy has been different from the first. The new drug given for anti-nausea, plus taking steroids a whole load earlier, plus I think my body accepting […]