[CANCER] (Not) Driving Home for Christmas #BreastCancer #Chemotherapy #JoinIn

So, here we are, Christmas Eve, and I am snuggled up on the sofa, having completed #Chemo2 on Friday. Last time I really blogged about cancer it was a week on from #Chemo1, I ‘returned to work’ 12th December, and managed to sign off a book chapter re ‘Digital Culture’ for Pastoral Challenges and Concerns: A […]

[CANCER] A week on from #Chemo1, #BreastCancer

In a week when all the Facebook ‘your last 365 days’ (ahem, the year hasn’t finished yet) videos are circulating, it’s noticeable that sometimes the cheerful and congratulatory tone of social media doesn’t quite work! This Swarm check-in from today cheerfully tells me that I’ve been in hospitals for at least ‘3 straight weeks’, yeah […]

[CANCER] Second Stage of Treatment Commenced: #Chemo1 #BreastCancer

So, last Friday, the ‘dreaded chemo’ started – and yes, I was pretty much dreading it. Every time people have said ‘you’re recovering really well’, my return was ‘well, chemo is the bit I’m actually dreading, so recovering from the surgery doesn’t seem such a big deal, just glad we got clear margins on the […]

[CANCER] Weekend Away with @BCCare #YoungerWomenTogether #BreastCancer

This weekend, I’ve just spent a really helpful, encouraging and uplifting weekend with 43 other women, all under 45, all undergoing treatment (or maximum 3 years on from treatment) for breast cancer. The weekend was provided by Breast Cancer Care “the only UK wide charity providing care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer”. […]