#EmptyShelf17 #32-38 – Mostly to do with #BreastCancer

It’s been a long week since my last post when I was trying to distract myself from the thought of surgery the next day! I didn’t get through that next day without tears, but I did get through it! Very early start, lots of questions, tests, lovely gown, etc. but once the anaesthetist finally found […]

[CANCER] Waiting for Surgery #BreastCancer

So, I’m sat in bed, with the alarm set for 5.30am, with a need to be at the hospital for 6.30am, praying that I am first on the surgeon’s list tomorrow and honestly, just praying that I wake up at the other end of it, minus the cancerous lump that has become a bit painful […]

[CANCER] Breasts, boobs, whatever, do I really need to talk about them? #BreastCancer

Breasts with cancer depicted as lemons

Unfortunately for me, who’s quite happy not to draw attention to mine, I have spent much of the last few weeks with mine being poked, prodded, examined, mammogramed, ultrasounded, biopsied, and otherwise examined… and next week I will become a ‘uni-boober’, with my entire left breast and lymph nodes being removed in surgery at Stepping […]

[SPEAKER] Fake News at @StJohnsDurham

Today I was due to speak at St John’s College, Durham, as part of a panel addressing Fake News, but have been unable to make it, so sharing some of my (unfinished) prep here. Reason here: Not the party anyone particularly wants to join, but diagnosed yesterday: #BreastCancer. Find out treatment plan next week. #talkaboutit […]