An Old Message for a New World

It's always interesting to see how something you've written (see 'Digital Media Trends 2.0') looks once it has been re-edited and published, and this dropped through the door today. The text for the accompanying article can be found on the Evangelical Alliance website. After the Digital Symposium at Durham, many of the names in this article are familiar. Have a read and see how Christians are using the digital space.

Dr Bex Lewis in a Keep Calm and Carry On T-shirt

This morning I had this photo taken for another press release (after the NYT article) ... we had some fun taking them - trying to make sure the slogan was on view! Nice, eh?! One of the first comments I had as I walked in was "ooo, I saw Katie Price wearing that the other day", and it has generated quite a lot of other comments too - people are just so interested in it...…
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