Twitter? That’s just like Facebook statuses without the extra stuff, right?

Well, Twitter and Facebook may both be social networking sites, but they are quite different. Facebook is officially a ‘private’ space, where you interact with people that you already know, whereas Twitter is a public space, giving lots of opportunities to meet new people. If you have a smartphone, it’s even easier to use Twitter! What is Twitter? Whilst Facebook has been around since 2004, first came on the scene in 2006. It’s a…

Icon of the Month: Keep Calm and Carry On

I got chatting to Simon, Editor of Third Way Magazine, at Greenbelt, and was talking to him about options for publication - a few days later, I had a request to write this article (within 3 days), and with a final bit of editorial polish, very happy to see it in this month's edition, which popped through the door this morning (see p34). Edited in May 2017 to add JPEG of article:

8th March: BBC Inside Out

The other week I was filmed for 'Inside Out North East', and this will be shown (in the North East) on Monday evening, but will then be available on iPlayer afterwards.  I have had a few questions as to why I am on in the North East when I am based in the South. The 21st century poster story starts in a bookshop in Alnwick... Barter Books...

An Old Message for a New World

It's always interesting to see how something you've written (see 'Digital Media Trends 2.0') looks once it has been re-edited and published, and this dropped through the door today. The text for the accompanying article can be found on the Evangelical Alliance website. After the Digital Symposium at Durham, many of the names in this article are familiar. Have a read and see how Christians are using the digital space.