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The Guardian: PDA Media

As BBC News staff were told to consider social media content as a news source (as critically as any other source),  it seemed a good time to check out ‘PDA: The Digital Content Blog‘, produced by the Guardian.

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Dr Bex Lewis in a Keep Calm and Carry On T-shirt

Dr Bex Lewis in a KCCO t-shirtThis morning I had this photo taken for another press release (after the NYT article) … we had some fun taking them – trying to make sure the slogan was on view! Nice, eh?! One of the first comments I had as I walked in was “ooo, I saw Katie Price wearing that the other day”, and it has generated quite a lot of other comments too – people are just so interested in it… I met a super-fan (Jas) at the Winchester Web Scene last night, who said that he owns most variations of it (that’s us having a chat in the background)!

Thanks to Tim Griffiths at the University of Winchester for the photo.

I purchased my t-shirt from Barter Books (only £12.60 +p&p).

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Passion for the Planet: Media Training

I had a great day at Media Training with Chantal Cooke from Passion for the Planet, arranged through Nick Williams.

As my thesis demonstrates, I have always been fascinated by communications and the media, and I was interested to gain the perspective of an expert on the day. I found the day very valuable, and decided that I would focus my media attention on what I knew best – Second World War Posters! I struggled to write my press release, thinking of too many ideas and trying to add in information that academics may care about, but press editors don’t. Chantal, however, was determined that none of us would go home without the outline of a press release, and really helped draw my ideas out.

The day also included a “radio interview”, and you can hear my recording here: Chantal Cooke interviews Bex (MP3, 4.22MB, sub-5 minutes). Please note the information re: the information I gave about NHS re-use of leaflets was true from about 5 years before, but it was the thought that came into my head at the time!