[SPEAKER] #PremDac19 – Digital Theology #TheBigC, with @RevJoanneCox

So, if you missed the session that Jo and I did at Premier Digital Conference 2019, the audio is now available via SoundCloud (you'll need to scroll to near the bottom of the page):   Slides are here: Digital Theology: The Big C #PremDac19 from Bex Lewis *Edit* In case the file gets removed, I've recorded (has that echoey feel from being recorded from laptop speakers): .

[SPEAKER] Digital Theology: The Big C #PremDac19

So, the Premier Digital Conference (#PremDac19) is this weekend ... despite all sorts of concerns about whether I would have recovered from my operation in time... I haven't even had it yet! So, here's my speaker bio: Learn more about speaker @drbexl in our Speaker Spotlight over on our #PremierDigital blog. She will be leading a session alongside @revjoannecox called ‘Digital Theology: The Big C’ #PremDAC19 https://t.co/DDlcM0K63j pic.twitter.com/Dw1w4tJr14 — Premier Digital (@premierdigi) October 29, 2019…

[SPEAKER] Engaging with #ExploringBelief for Religion in the Media Festival

I was originally invited to participate in the 'digital religion' panel for this event (a little confused about what happened - as you'll see from my tweets I had a lot to say). However, got to meet up with some friends old and new at the end event, and was available for 1-2-1s with those who wanted them. Was some high profile interesting speakers - see more on this collection of tweets:

[SPEAKER] Abuse in a Digital Age: Does social media help or hinder in dealing with abuse? #OutOfControl

This afternoon I will be presenting at Natalie Collins' Out of Control event, along with a wide range of exciting speakers! Domestic Abuse in a Digital Age fo #OutOfControl from Bex Lewis If you download, you should be able to read the notes below the slides. Content Added in Response to the Day I scribbed a few other bits of content onto my slides as I was listening to other speakers (and yeah, my timing…