[SPEAKER] Introduction to Digital Marketing for #PremDac18

At 3.45pm I'll be running the following breakout session for the Premier Digital Conference: #PremDac18: Introduction to Digital Marketing with Bex Lewis from Bex Lewis It's a complex subject to try and open up to people who may never have engaged with digital marketing before ... if you're looking for a bit more in depth, practical tips, there's a great checklist here.

[SPEAKER] The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace: Creating Healthy Digital #BigSocial2018

Today, I was on a panel at The Big Social Conference 2018, on behalf of Manchester Metropolitan University: The impact of social media in the workplace: creating healthy digital habits Social media in business is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessary means of communication; to set tasks, promote company profile and build relationships. However, while it can certainly be an advantage to a company’s marketing efforts, social media use can also open the door…

[SPEAKER] #HonestTalks with @FourthDayPR re ‘Social Media in the Workplace’

Objective: To discuss what businesses, brands and people serve to get out of today’s social media, including a look at: personal vs professional social media accounts – are we the same person? employee wellbeing and being constantly switched on is social media right for all brands? what value can social have for different industries and sectors? authenticity – are we all just striving to be a Buzzfeed / LADbible? <Edit: 26 June> #HonestTalks panellist @drbexl,…

[SPEAKER] Discipleship in a Digital Age at @SpringHarvest #SH2018

In August, I had to cancel all my upcoming speaking engagements, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to do (m)any the next academic year as I adjust to being back at work, but I'm looking forward to this short session at Spring Harvest Harrogate this afternoon on a very familiar topic: Discipleship in a Digital Age for Spring Harvest Harrogate 2018 from Bex Lewis