[BOOK REVIEW] Am I Beautiful by @ChineMbubaegbu (with @beyondchoc)

I ordered this book as soon as I knew it was in the offing .. and then was even more chuffed to win a copy through the following tweet: ‘Beauty is … learning to love ourselves as God made us … and then turning that love out to our neighbours!’ @drbexl So, what follows is potentially […]

[CANCER] A rather exhausted update

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I updated everyone as to where we were at on treatment, that I’d had a pleural effusion (fluid on the lungs) identified, though oncologist thinks that it’s the toxicity of the treatment causing breathing issues, rather than the effusion itself .. Still very tired, planned to […]

[CANCER] Treatment Number 15 … Not Done. Along with a ‘Drive In COVID Test’

I only blogged on Wednesday, but still… got a few things to catch people up on. I had a 10% dose reduction last week, to try and deal with my peripheral neuropathy … and I do feel that although still shattered (and managing to engage with PremDAC20 for most of the day on Saturday), I’ve […]

#EmptyShelf19: August

This month I read: Life, Lemons and Melons by Alice-May Purkiss My rating: 5 of 5 stars I bought this book before my secondary diagnosis. Aside from our ages, the fact that Alice is married/younger than me, and I have triple positive cancer … oh and I didn’t bother with fertility treatment/recon … much of […]

[CANCER] Making the best use of counselling for #BreastCancer

Today it was counselling day, and I thought that with NEAD I would be super happy and starting to talk about when we stop…   View this post on Instagram   It’s #waitingroomfeet time again – counselling – my head is a jumble. Last day of work today before a month of switching that part […]