[MEDIA] Discussing Limiting Social Media Time for Children as per @MattHancock with @BBC5Live

On Saturday 10th March, Culture Secretary Matt Hancock spoke in The Times(£) about social media being ‘broken’ and how he wanted to fix it before his children went online (13 being the legal age limit for most social media accounts, although WhatsApp is officially 16). This is the segment I was sent to respond to: […]

[CANCER] Heading into 2018 with #BreastCancer #Chemotherapy Treatment in Progress

I last wrote on Christmas Eve, about the fact that treatment means I’m shuffled on my sofa post #Chemo2 rather than spending it with family.. #Chemo2 This round of chemotherapy has been different from the first. The new drug given for anti-nausea, plus taking steroids a whole load earlier, plus I think my body accepting […]

[CANCER] #Waiting and #Finance fears are such a feature of #BreastCancer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 31st August, I was both shocked and pleased at how fast things moved. We had to wait an extra week for an extra test on the biopsy to determine that the tumour wasn’t HER-Positive, and then the next thing I know I’m in surgery! Waiting Those early […]

[CANCER] Four Weeks On after Surgery #BreastCancer #WearitPink #PinkforaPurpose

Today, there’s a lot of people wearing pink – have you thought about why?… Read our thoughts on how to make your #WearItPink really make an important difference to people today https://t.co/BX53uBxgjp pic.twitter.com/Fq7lel1974 — YoungerBreastCancer (@YBCN_UK) October 20, 2017 Facebook Shares In case you haven’t noticed, I’m four weeks on from my #breastcancer surgery, and […]