[LIFE] Wild Swimming and FEELING ALIVE. Yes, I am #BusyLivingWithMets

So, I've been feeling quite overwhelmed by life, work and everything at the moment, but got the chance to take some time out Thursday evening/Friday morning, courtesy of Kate's great organising skills, and the company of Johnny, Stuart et al ... This was our faces after our first dip:   View this post on Instagram   On a mini road trip with @revkatebottley for a bit of #DalesDipping. Feeling ALIVE!! We’ve another dip to come…

[MEDIA] Talking about #FactCheckUK with @UCBNewsTeam for #GE2019

Earlier today I had a conversation with the news team for UCB radio, and manage to capture this snippet used this evening (the rest will follow later, as we talked more generally about social media/the election): I'm keeping tabs on some interesting links on Wakelet. Interestingly the parody account for Boris Johnson was right on top of it, demonstrating just how quickly the internet can respond: