1940s Society: WW2 Posters

The 1940s Society, 25th June, 1999 The planning, design and reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War Ian, of the 1940s Society, discovered my site, and asked if I would give a talk to his group in Kent. So, in June 1999, I went to present a paper regarding my […]

The Art of Propaganda

Duxford, IWM, 5th June, 1999 An interesting day through which four presentations were given on the subjects of propaganda as shown through film, posters , Nazi radio, and black propaganda.

Word & Image: Swiss Poster Design: 1955 – 1997

February 9 – April 3, 1998 Over sixty posters, as well as publications by 30 influential Swiss designers will be presented to explore the impact and influence of the International Typographic Style or Swiss Design on graphic design and visual communication. The Swiss Design style emphasized an overall clarity of composition created by an innovative […]

Quotes from Questionnaire 1997-1998

A questionnaire was circulated in 1997 and 1998, using responses from newspaper appeals and personal contacts. There are some quotes that were particularly interesting, and some of them are highlighted here. Male Respondent: ‘The one that seems very funny to me now but not at the time was VD Kills. In those days such a […]

Posters: Persuasion and Subversion

V&A, 12th-13th June, 1998 The effectiveness of the poster as a publicity medium and the pervasiveness of the poster image were examined in the context of developments in 20th century graphic communication. The conference examined the history of the poster from the ‘artistic’ posters of the late 19th century, to the large-scale billboard campaigns of […]