Bex’s Workplan for 2010/11 (revised)

So, my crazy timetable continues (I don’t want any more projects til next summer!). I’m enjoying everything I’m doing, and have even had to give up some things I love doing… very privileged for this year… who knows what next year will bring however…

Over the past few months, since the last update:

  • Made it to the gym more regularly (particularly Boxercise & Circuit Training, and upped my walking across in London)
  • Resigned as Social Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out (other projects have taken over, but I will continue to provide occasional blog posts as I undertake SFDOs!)
  • Worked with Matt Buck to create a new logo for Digital Fingerprint (a site into which I am keen to put more time, although regular postings continue)
  • Continued sporadic postings to this blog, and ww2poster.
  • Set up, work which continues (with a new site under development)
  • Set up and started developing content for
  • Set up and created a site for a new module:, for which I also prepared 2 x 3 hour interactive sessions, although I think this planned chapter may fall through.
  • Written reports for BODGIT and SkillsNet, both projects into which I have put large amounts of work.
  • Written a review of Imperial War Museum exhibitions for “The Poster” Journal (for which I am a Review Editor), and submitted an article for Capture Journal.
  • Submitted my second PGCLTHE assignment, returned with a mark of 70%.
  • Undertaken a review of the iPad.
  • Since August 2010, a 0.4 contract for the year for the Blended Learning Fellowship, including these workshops
  • Attended LICC Social Media Bootcamp, helped organise, market & presented three sessions (including a shared keynote with @maggidawn) for #CNMAC10, plusĀ  a load of promo sessions for @bigbible… and attended #LikeMinds.
  • Not seen enough of my friends though, and trying to remedy that!

November 2010

  • Continue with my paid roles (0.5 University of Durham, 0.4 University of Winchester plus teaching commitments and other projects), with a particular focus on ensuring that the @bigbible housegroup material is ready before I go on holiday.
  • Undertaking consultancy with 12baskets re: marketing, creating online buzz, and getting more creatives involved (trial, potentially ongoing).
  • Working with Matt Buck on developing a talk around Second World War posters, using his expertise as a cartoonist (potentially in a similar style to the RSA).
  • 22nd: Drop In Day (inaugural event, to encourage experimentation with online tools)
  • Super User at the JISC Innovating Learning (online) conference.
  • 30th: Digimission 2.0

December 2010

  • Write up my Reflective Portfolio as my third and final assignment for PGCLTHE.
  • 2nd: Steering Committee, CODEC
  • 6th: Meet Bible Society people.
  • 30 more hours for SkillsNet running to the end of the academic year.
  • 18th December – 3rd January: Egypt!

January 2011

  • Working with David Rush on an article, building upon our Hertfordshire conference paper ‘Using Twitter for Communities of Practice’.
  • 14th: BODGIT Event, Loughborough
  • 14th: Deadline for submission of papers to #PELC11
  • Consider other list of potential publications, including possible book proposal (from my PhD, always planned to, but the visual issue is quite a big issue), articles for ‘History and Policy’, ‘The Poster’, Journal of Technology, Religion and Theology.

February 2011

  • 1st: BODGIT Event, Winchester
  • 14th: Deadline for submission of papers to #ALTC11
  • (from) Teaching on the PGCLTHE (Blended Learning Module), Wednesday afternoons:16/02,09/03,27/04, 18/05
  • (from) Teaching 12 hours for History on an ‘Independent Study Module’, with flexible tutorials
  • (from) Teaching 24 hours for ‘Intro to Media Studies’ on Monday afternoons

April 2011

  • 5th: O2 iPhone contract expires…
  • 6th-8th: PELC 2011 (for which I am on the International Review Board)

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

  • Hopefully have some new contracts coming in around now, as only 7.5 hours of my work is “definite” (as anything is in the current climate) from this point.
  • 14th-15th: PLE Conference, Southampton
  • 14th: Talk to Winchester Women Graduates on Second World War posters.
  • Maybe a trip to Israel with Oak Hall?

August 2011

September 2011