#40acts challenge leads to over 2.9million acts of kindness over Lent

Stewardship’s Lent challenge, 40acts, which launched on Ash Wednesday, has led to a wave of over 2.9million acts of generosity over 40 days. The challenge, which comes to an end this Saturday, asks people to do one simple generous act each day over Lent. This year it had 75,000 people taking part, making this year’s […]

Lent is Coming

So, it’s time for Lent. For once, I haven’t been on top of exactly when it’s coming, as after four years of doing #bigread, we’ve taken a break this year (it’s a huge amount of work, you know) – materials remain available online. Anyway, Lent starts Wednesday, with Easter Day 5th April (I’ll be at Spring […]

For Lent, join @40Acts?

Last week, I went to a party celebrating that this year will be the 5th year of @40Acts, which has grown from a handful of people to, last year, 45,000 people joining in – with hopes of even more this year. A simple act of generosity every day – check out @40Acts.

Today on @40Acts: Clear out your Wardrobe

Read the blog post, and the blog post from the original decluttering day! <edit – as 40 Acts don’t retain old content> here’s the content I submitted: Clear Out Your Wardrobe In Narnia (re-read in preparation for #BigRead13) what’s inside the wardrobe is “bigger inside than it looks outside” – we but live in the […]