[ABSTRACT] In the world but not of it: Keep Calm and Carry On

Topic: Uses of popular culture by religious groups The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster, designed by the British Government in 1939 as a response to war, has become global cultural icon of the early twenty-first century, drawing a nostalgic response for a time ‘when we all pulled together’ in the current time of economic […]

Abstract: Programming Collaborative Learning

Name: Dr Bex Lewis Conference: Exploring collaborative learning in Higher Education media education programmes The HEA funded TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) has worked across 22 programmes in 8 universities. TESTA has built a community of practice (CoP) interested in assessment and feedback processes at a sector level. FASTECH is a new JISC-funded project […]

Paper Abstract for @Pelecon12: Digitising Programme by Programme

In April, we have the annual Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference. The following abstract has been accepted: Abstract: FASTECH is a new JISC-funded project building on a new body of knowledge about staff and student experiences of assessment and feedback, collected from over 22 degree programmes in 8 universities through the HEA-funded TESTA (Transforming the Experience […]

Engaging in the Digital: Hell or Paradise? (Talk Submission #GB12 (2))

Talk submission to Greenbelt for 2012. Engaging in the Digital: Hell or Paradise? Harnessing the Digital to Create Bigger Bible Conversations The digital brings different possibilities for engaging with the Bible, via smartphones and social media. For some this digital world is hell, for others it is paradise, but it is the reality for most in […]