Finding Your Own Digital Paradise (Talk Submission for #GB12)

Talk submission to Greenbelt for 2012. Finding Your Own Digital Paradise: Tribes, Digital Sabbaths & Crowd-Sourced Worship Panel Session: Is there such a thing as ‘digital paradise’? How does the digital allow us to do things differently? Who do we connect with and not get lost in a Christian bubble? How do we ensure that we […]

#CfP Abstract Submission: Encouraging Faith Voices in Digital Spaces

Media, Religion, Culture Conference 2012 Format: Presentation, leading to discussion. I was alerted to this conference at the weekend, and had about 24 hours to pull together a conference proposal. We’ll see if this ticks any of the right boxes…  We live in a ‘digital age’, in a world that is increasingly defined and […]

D-ICE for Change: Applying Organisational Development Guidance to IT Projects #ALTC2011

SHORT PAPER ABSTRACT ALTC-11 (Revised Submission) Theme: Making It Happen Submitted with Andy Wilson, University of Loughborough This paper reports from the recent cross-institutional JISC-funded project ‘BODGIT’ (Bringing Organisational Development Guidance into IT), which was part of the larger EMBED IT project hosted by SEDA.[1] The implementation of new IT platforms or software is rarely […]

Keep Calm and Carry On: A Re-Sounding Message

In 2000 a poster was ‘discovered’ in the bottom of a box of books, bought at auction by a book-seller in Alnwick.  The poster, designed by the Ministry of Information (MOI) in 1939, was intended to be posted in the event of a major crisis, such as invasion.  It was (probably) distributed around the country […]