Work less, do more, live better (@timeshighered)

I am SO EXCITED to be reading this piece in Times Higher Education – over the last year I’ve been seeking to work in a healthier pattern (although ironically this week has been a 6 day-week & I need to do some more over the weekend so that I can take a week off… to write […]

Academia: Does it have to be 24/7?

One of the reasons that I declared that I wasn’t going to work in academia when I left the University of Manchester was the expectation that you chuck every hour that you’re alive at “work”. It’s one of the dangers of working with material that you love, and it can be different to find boundaries. […]

Survey shows that social media has graduated to academia

FROM JISC PRESS RELEASE: A new survey of colleges across Scotland shows that social media, and particularly YouTube, has firmly entered the learning environment as teaching and learning tools, with its use growing significantly year on year. In the 2012 ETNA (Enhanced Training Needs Analysis) survey, carried out by the Jisc Regional Support Centre (RSC) […]

Pod Academy: Academic Podcast

Excellent idea, I must look further into this: Pod Academy is an independent, not-for-profit platform for podcasts on academic research.  Set up by a group of academics, techies and journalists, it aims to inform public debate and uncover intriguing and challenging new ideas. We are always looking for interesting new research, including research that throws […]

Academic Leadership?

An interesting (short) article on where academic loyalty lies, and the need for academic managers to recognise the professionalism of academics, rather than viewing them as ‘products’ for students: In conclusion, the study – titled Academic Leadership: Changing Conceptions, Identities and Experiences in UK Higher Education – offers a series of possible ways forward. For example, university […]