Is Google Books as dangerous as Wikipedia?

To many academics, Wikipedia is a large sounding bell! It indicates poor researching techniques (similarly to using Encyclopaedia Britannica in the past) … although many of us would argue that it’s at least a good starting point, pointing to other materials. This week, there are concerns raised about the metadata used in Google books, and how […]

Black and White and dead all over? @timeshighered

For those who care deeply about the future of journalism, the phone-hacking scandal could hardly have been less well timed. Professional journalism’s survival is threatened by the economic impact of digital technologies. The plurality and diversity of voice upon which representative democracy depends is in jeopardy. Needed urgently is debate about how well-resourced, professional news […]

Judging a book by it’s cover? @timeshighered

Jeremy Black is making a stand against the grandiose claims made by far too many blurbs on the back of academic books Errors in students’ exam answers have attracted wry reflection on the pages of Times Higher Education recently. However, they are as nothing compared with the misleading character of all too many of the pithy commendations […]