Using Twitter in PowerPoint

Now there’s a great idea, and cheaper than clickers, but if using it in the classroom, it does assume that all students have Twitter (which is clearly not the case). I heard of this possibility through @Ulfilas, and look forward to hearing more: Using Twitter in PowerPoint (using Poll Everywhere) Free PowerPoint Twitter Tools


Brizzly appears to be a new toy on the market, as recommended by @StephenFry (still the UK’s top Twitter advocate?). I still haven’t done a great deal with it, but with the rise of spammers, it looks to be a useful/interesting tool, and again, is capable of managing multiple accounts. I wondered what was different, […]


In reading other’s Twitter updates, I came across an interesting tool: “Portwiture“, which reads your recent tweets (I’m not sure how recent, but I tried this out yesterday and today, and the images had changed significantly, so I’m assuming it works on the most recent tweets only) and turns them into a pictorial montage. At […]

Friend or Follow

I am looking at who I follow/am followed by on Twitter, and was looking for a tool which would give me an idea. As a first run, I have found very helpful in identifying those who I am following but are not following me. Some people will only follow those who are following them, which […]