#AdventBookClub: Anna

Luke 2:36-38 I love the way this first chapter has been written, as a life story (and I’m always a bit of a sucker for those), knowing that ‘today’ she has met the Light of the World. Anna, an old lady, widowed early, who sits in the Temple day and night (seen as a bit of […]

Stephen Cottrell ‘Walking Backwards to Christmas’ #adventbookclub

If you’ve never joined an online book club, well, there’s still time. Pam Webster has pulled together material for #adventbookclub, drawing on Stephen Cottrell’s Walking Backwards to Christmas, published by SPCK. I have written in the diary to read a chapter every couple of days, but last night I read the introduction. Recently I went to see […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 37: Endings

So, here it is, the last day of #adventbookclub (for this year at least), – and it’s been great to have a focused time each day (I’ve never been very good at that!) By this time I should be in the air en route to Marrakech – hopefully for a bit of sun, plenty of […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 36: Inclusiveness

As we looked at the other day, black/white answers to faith questions can be hard to take… today Maggi takes that even further – drawing on Matthew 2:1-8 – the Magi have often been described as ‘Kings’, but in fact may have been astrologers – something many of us would be uncomfortable with… but a reminder […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 35: Begin/End

A simple thought from today, which had never occurred to me before today – significant events at the the beginning/end of Jesus’ life took place in borrowed rooms (the stable/the upper room) … Jesus ‘slummed it’ along with us – never making a home of his own. Also totally understanding Maggi’s feeling re decluttering … […]