#EmptyShelf 2016 #1: Jane Maas – Mad Women

So, for 2014, Jon Acuff suggested the #EmptyShelf┬áchallenge. As I’ve just put my ‘Shelfies‘ into Book Buddy (Pro), now it’s time to start reading some of them, right? So might as well go with #EmptyShelf, and give brief overviews of each book on this blog! Over the Christmas break, I also managed to read Lionel […]

Ads Replace Tuition Fees?

Well, there’s an interesting idea, in an age of increasing tuition fees: Companies could pay to advertise their physical products (laptops, for example) and services to students during their course of study, helping to eliminate the need for fees, he explained. Firms hunting for new talent could also pay the university for detailed information on […]

25 inspiring not-for-profit ads

I’m always interested in ‘advertising’ that is not to sell a product, but has to sell an idea/concept, as they did in the war. An amazing collection of 25 advertisements by not-for-profit organisations who wanted to step up to the plate and be noticed amongst quality modern advertising… and this one particularly drew my attention:

Paper Tweets

An interesting ‘blend’ of digital and paper, using Twitter to encourage support for the football team: