The Power of Advertising? @UCBMedia

I was interviewed on UCB Radio this morning, discussing recent conversations about abortion adverts and plastic surgery adverts. You can listen to the radio interview here: UCBAdvertisingJan3012 (MP4 format, 7-8 minutes)

“Vintage” Social Media Propaganda

Love these 1940s/50s looking posters, which capture how Twitter et al may be seen to future historians! See full story in the Guardian. Brazilian Moma agency – you have a very annoying website… let me at the content!

Opie, R. The Wartime Scrapbook, 1998

Robert Opie maintains an unrivalled collection of advertising and packaging memorabilia, and many of his pieces from the Second World War are showcased in this scrapbook. There’s a little bit of everything in the book: posters, packaging, booklets, gas masks, badges, jars, magazines, etc. There are little scraps of information dotted around on each page […]

Sainsbury’s, Nostalgic Advertising

Please help my Final Year Project/Dissertation student with her research. Helen Nicholls is considering nostalgic advertising in 2009 (we’re still developing the exact question, but will have a clearer idea once we have seen the research that she’s done in the Sainsbury’s Archive) in relation to the recession/companies that are stressing their longevity, and has […]