Paper.Li Daily Newspaper

Yesterday @stephenfry tweeted a ‘daily paper’ with his account, so of course I headed off to have a look, and set them up on some of my accounts to see what kind of stories they brought up. Above is the paper for @digitalfprint – I can’t work out the algorithm it’s using, but it appears to be picking up the right kind of stories… I guess it depends on who you’re following (so may encourage us to keep it ‘niche’), and on what you retweet!

Other accounts:

How does it work?
Run by Small Rivers, I anticipate that the blog will not only give updates as to what is new, but hopefully some idea of how it all works! I had set a newspaper up for @bigbible, but as I didn’t select ‘alert me’ or ‘promote’ it is seen as inactive… As each account only allows 10 papers, and considers having set one up initially as using one of those papers, even if it is now inactive/deleted, think before you set up a paper. A number of the featured papers on the home page workaround #hashtags, with #edchat shared by 192 people on Twitter already, although I suspect that following a list is particularly useful (if the list is large enough, I tried with one hashtag, and it wasn’t being used enough to generate any newspaper content).

Clicking on ‘manage’ simply gives the option to “remove” a paper from being promoted. Promotion allows the app to publish a tweet every 24 hours in a tweet similar to below, including the name of some of those followers it considers particularly relevant:

Created in March 2010: “We analyze all links for topic (Politics, science, technology…) using semantic text analysis tools, extract the content (text, video, images, pdf, …) and rank them for probable pertinence.”…  an interesting way to follow particular interest groups…