#ALTC2011 Comes to a Close

Final Keynote: John Naughton Many of the most important technological developments in computing and networking have come as surprises – pleasant and/or unpleasant – to professional communities and commercial organisations, including those which are supposed to know what the future holds. How does this happen? Why are we so bad at anticipating the technological future? […]

From Challenge to Change #altc2011

As a final workshop session, where I wanted to engage with the JISC team (I will be a ‘superdelegate’ at the JISC online conference later this year), I went to ‘From Challenge to Change’. I’d already been to the full day workshops in the past, but it’s good to re-engage with the exercises and think […]

#ALTC2011 Dinner

The dinner was held in the Refectory (where The Who (and lots of other bands) have played in the past. ‘Bubbles’ provided by Google first, followed by dinner… The starter Get me, beat @jamesclay to posting my pic… just Main course Me, just before I deserted dessert and went to sleep! As the puddings were […]

Discussion & Collaboration #altc2011

Yvonne Bain, Uni of Aberdeen Working on a project, not with her own learners. In 1989 were talking about the possibilities of computer mediated learning. Notion that is woven in – do people really engage with the thinking of others and come up with something different? Tensions in literature – were students really using the […]