Joining online? #altc2011

Not the most successful remote joining of a session ever.. I appear to have lost sound to all my internet files … a reboot (as always) seemed to fix that (for now)! Whilst we seek out the recording for this actual session (PPT slides are here), see an 11 minute video from 2010:

Making Management #altc2011

First up, Dr Bex Lewis, with ‘Getting in on the Twitter Action? Using Twitter to build your professional network’. University of Plymouth (Janice Gibbs, Neil Witt) ‘Learning Technologists’ is a TEQF – hangover… But money has gone!! Learning Technologists: taken a long time to see past the technology/tied into ‘pedagogic problem to solve’ – here’s […]

Workshop #altc2011 OER & Synergies

Workshop: Enhancing Synergies Alannah Fitzgerald, Uni of Durham, English language/free resources Teresa Connolly, The Open University (open learn) Jane Gay, Kingston University Score – support agency ( How do you transfer materials into OER? Not time, not experiment (then say haven’t got time to go to workshops though enthusiastic at demos), can include ‘grey OERs’ […]

Institutional Action #altc2011

Gordon Jayes et al ‘learning the large scale e-portfolio implementations – introducing the ePI search study’ Tied into Wanted whole course, whole institution and extra curricular as well as within courses. Found experiences pretty similar across different institutions. To complete stage 4 (sustaining) needs to be thought about at the early stages. Drivers for […]