Harness Student Devices? #BYOD

Listened to this talk live – interesting to see it in the THE: Students have so many devices: sector must be smart and tap them, says expert. Chris Parr writes Harnessing the power of the technology that students already have in their pockets could revolutionise the way universities teach – but more research into how […]

Day 2 #ALTC2012 Storify

[View the story “#ALTC2012 Day 2” on Storify] #ALTC2012 Day 2 Tweets from @digitalfprint from Day 2 of the conference. Storified by Dr Bex Lewis · Wed, Sep 12 2012 10:11:33 "@drawnalism: <Reading> The words of @digitalfprint who understands the power of images" :-)Digital Fingerprint HomeFeedback and Assessment for Students with Technology questions for #fastechUK […]

#ALTC2012: Storify: Day 1

[View the story “#ALTC2012 Day 1” on Storify] #ALTC2012 Day 1 A few thoughts from the first full day of the Association for Learning Technology annual conference, mostly my own Tweets/RTs Storified by Dr Bex Lewis · Tue, Sep 11 2012 12:29:13 ALT-C 2012 – a confrontation with reality | Association for Learning TechnologyThe time, […]