Do you chatterbox while you watch TV?

A new term has become popular – chatterboxing, meaning watching a TV programme while talking to others about it online.  A lot of people are doing it, mostly via Twitter A lot of TV programmes now display their hashtag when they start as an invitation to tweet during the programme – and a lot of […]

Can you tell males from females

In analysing usage of social media sites such as Twitter one of the categories often used is male/female.  On this scale there are some sites with a preponderance of males (Slashdot, Google+ and Reddit), others where they are roughly equal (Facebook and Twitter) and maybe some where females are in the majority (possibly MySpace and […]

212th on the Sunday Times Social List

At present this Social List is made up of just over 5000 people, where will I appear as more people join in?! Currently 18th out of my 50 ‘connections’.

Social Media Measurement 2011

Thanks to @batty_towers for drawing my attention to this really interesting article re: measuring the impact that social media is making to a campaign.


Does this mean I spend too long on Twitter?!  “This includes how many people you follow, how many people follow you, how often you tweet and how many tweets you read.” The application uses oAuth to check into your account, and then auto-tweets the response (not too keen on the fact that it doesn’t give […]