Raiders of the Lost Archives @timeshigered

Fascinating, having done most of my research just before digitisation made a huge difference, great to see someone looking back “before”: But when I got to the library itself it was Aladdin’s Cave. There were manuscripts and rare books (the world’s best collection of Victorian novels in serial, for example), many of them uncatalogued. It […]

Digitising the 19th Century

Increasing access to historical materials – looking forward to hearing about new research emerging from this: Cengage’s plans to digitise the 19th century could open up a whole new world, finds Matthew Reisz Described by its provider as “the most ambitious scholarly digitisation and publication programme ever undertaken”, Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) was launched […]

Digital Preservation?

An interesting issue – re: digital preservation (had some clues of this whilst doing my PhD): Save all, read all? Matthew Reisz on the archivists devising protocols for preserving born-digital data An attempt by university archivists to find a common approach to the problem of how to deal with digitally recorded material has led to […]

Sustainable Collections?

Initiative seeks sustainable ways to preserve collections. Matthew Reisz reports Britain’s university archives own everything from medieval court records to prime ministers’ letters, with definitive collections including subjects like theatre companies, pressure groups and leading businesses. Yet while essential for researchers, they are unlikely to escape the “deep cuts” that the Liberal Democrat business secretary […]

Archives used for @ww2poster

The archives used for the PhD project are as follows: The British Film Institute, London The British Library, London The British Library Newspaper Library, Colindale, London Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge Eden Camp, Malton, North Yorkshire You can buy reproduction posters from here The Kevin Morrison Collection, Glasgow The History of Advertising Trust, UEA, Norfolk The […]